How to make a bid

You can register quickly with yor identity card as a bidder for the auction. It does not cost any extra charge and you do not need to leave any security.

  1. Bidding in person

    If you are at our show please go to our information counter to receive a bidder`s number. For this you need your proof of identity and you need to fill in a form with personal data.

    In order to make a bid it is sufficient to give the auctioneer a signal and to show us your bidder`s number as you gain the award.

  2. Bidding by post

    Please fill in the bidder`s card and send it to us with a copy of your identity. Please use our central address which you can find at "Our Team / Contact". Your bid must reach us by next date.

  3. Bidding by fax
    Please fill in the bidder's card and send it by fax with a copy of your identity. Your offer should reach us by next date. If you send your bid later, please phone us to be sure that we can still take it into consideration. You will find our fax numbers at the bottom of this page.

  4. bidding by phone
    For this you also need a bidder's card which should be sent by fax with a copy of your identity.

    Important:Please make a note of the lot numbers you are interested in . Give us the phone number where you can be reached for the whole duration of the auction. A colleague will then get in touch with you for some of your lot numbes and you can ear the auction live.

    Phone: +49 4204 5656

    Fax: +49 4204 5656

  Bidder's card

You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which yhou can download
at .

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