Conditions of the auction

Everybody from Beform auctions considers himself to be a neutral and competent agent for old motor bikes.
  1. The choice of the bikes
    Using our long experience and good contacts we are able to offer material which would not normally be up for sale. We accept all motor bikes produced up to the end of the 1970s for our auctions ( see our assessment service for special restrictions). Parts, accessories and literature are included in our auctions too. We would be very glad about any offer of admission. Please use our programme point Contact or just give us a ring..

  2. Transport
    As far as possible, we will bring all motor bikes or parts to our workshop. They will be cleaned and checked thoroughly. This preparation and our expert knowledge enable us to give a reliable description. All registration papers (which serve as proof of ownership) may remain with the owner until the weekend of the auction. Machines which are particularly valuable and delicate may be brought directly to the auction show by the owner (see Schedule ).
    Motor bikes from the southernmost parts of Germany or from abroad can only seldom be collected. The costs for this service would understandably be too high but please don`t hesitate to talk to us about different possibilities.

  3. Last date of entry
    We accept offers up to the date of the show.

  4. Lot description
    The most important data about the motor bikes will be checked. If the chassis number, engine number and background details are all completely genuine we will put this information in a guarantee box on our web-site. We guarantee for the correctness of this information and in the case of a dispute we will take back the bike at the full price that it was bought for. There is no risk of fraud for the buyer at all !!!

  5. Assessment and evaluation service
    We have 2 specialists making up our team and each one has approximately 30 years of experience in dealing with old bikes. With the help of friends and various detailed documents it is possible for us to evaluate every motor bike or individual spare part. The information from the seller will be taken as the basic price but the estimated value will be determined and set down by us as neutral mediators. This estimated value ranging from ….. to ….. will then be published and should be a good guideline for those who are not experts in this field.

    The seller must be confident enough to set down a minimum price which lies under the estimated value. In this way all objects remain attractive for the buyers and bidding can begin!!! If the minimum price is not reached there is no extra charge. There are no show charges or any kind of extra fees. The business is clear and well organized for all involved.

  6. Bidding
    As a registered bidder you can bid directly on the auction. Also you can place your bid by telephone, by post, by telefax or through our website before the auction begins. Details are described at Bidding. Your bid is firm when the auctioneer accepts your bid for the requested article.

  7. Hammer price = price in cash
    The starting bid or selling price can be as high as requested. In most cases the auctioneer will begin with about half of the evaluated price. It may even be less if it is a matter of spare parts. If the lowest price is exceeded while bidding then the award can be made. The lowest price is usually quoted in the catalogue. If the lowest price is not exceeded after being called out three times (for the first ......second ....... and .........) then the valid purchase of the article is concluded with the auctioneer`s hammer (for the third time of offering!)

  8. Extra charge
    There is an extra charge of 15% including VAT added to the hammer price ( after the award has been made). This is clear and easy to organize!

  9. Methods of payment
    Cash payments on the spot are best of all and it is good if the bidder can take his purchased article home with him after the auction. But for those who are not quite so well prepared there is a possibility to pay within 8 days after the auction. Payment can be made by bank transfer and the articles are delivered, sent or picked up at a later date. Payment in cash and on collection within 8 days is of course most convenient. We can only accept cheques with bank confirmation. We do not accept credit cards because of the high commission costs demanded by these companies. We are open to other method of payment as long as we stay on the safe side for our sellers. Make us an offer but please discuss all these details with us before the event.

  10. Honest administration of estate
    Everyone has heard the most fantastic tales and stories. A collector dies and the surviving dependents do not know how to estimate the value of the motor bikes left behind. There is often enough a lot of trouble, money is embezzled, bargains are made and articles are sold under value out of a lack of knowledge or certainty. Who should you turn to ? Who is able to give you more than just a few “clever” suggestions?'

    The team from Beform auctions offers a completely honest administration of inheritance or collector`s items. On collection we give you a certificate with all numbers and key features of all individual parts. We are able to keep a track of every single piece. If you like you can ask a club, evaluator or the VFV ( Association for vintage vehicles) to check our activities.

  11. Unsold motor bike articles
    If the minimum price is not reached these articles will not be awarded and therefore not sold . Customers who are interested in buying later should talk to us immediately after the auction. Please look at the Internet list of lots under "hammer price" and if there is no price listed then the lot was not sold at the auction. Those buyers who decide to buy at a later point in time should contact us as quickly as possible. The sale can continue up to 4 weeks after the auction but this only applies to some of the lots and not all! The unsold articles are given back to the seller. When and how these articles are given back depends on personal wishes. Of course there will be no expenses arising for the seller.

  12. 13.Payment and settlement with the seller
    Sales are closed after 4 weeks after the auction and the bills are then prepared. A maximum of 10% commission ( including VAT ) is deducted from the seller. Payment is carried out according to the details given on the sales certificate (cash, cheque or by remittance ).
    One example :
    The seller wishes to receive at least 3000€ for his old NSU otherwise he will hang it from the ceiling of his workshop. These 3000€ are confirmed in the sales certificate as the lowest price demanded by the seller.

    Case A:
    The hammer falls at: 3.050 €
    We deduct: 50 €
    The vendor recieves: 3.000 €

    Case B:
    The hammer falls at: 5.000 €
    We deduct: 500 € (10%)
    The vendor recieves: 4.500 €

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